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See what THE SMITH STREET BAND have been up to the past month, working ‘out bush’ on their forthcoming album. Clip filmed & edited by the master, Andy Johnson.

Ma bois

Absolute classic cover of FER GUUU Inc

5/5 Stars


Paying money to see a band in a club and having them cancel through something that seems like a clear fuck-you is doubtlessly infuriating. And that— as John Cage or Marina Abramović or Justice Yeldham or anyone whose idea of performance upsets our idea of what we’re paying to see has affirmed— is OK. If Friday’s cancelled Death Grips show had been scheduled for the Museum of Modern Art, it would’ve been subtitled ‘The Artist Isn’t Present’, and it would have been documented in art journals. Performance art is not about getting anything; it’s about being gotten.

Grayson Currin on Death Grips’ controversial recent no-shows for The Pitch. (via pitchfork)

Death Grips have surprisingly impressed me with this.

So here’s my plan for once I finish uni at the end of this semester.
I’ll shoot over to Taiwan, teach English, learn Mandarin, party, and completely forget about Melbourne for a year or two.

Dune Rats - Red Light Green Light (Green Version)


It’s bands like this that make me proud to be Australian.
This video’s probably old news to everyone now, but these two deserve all the publicity they’ve got from it. 

RDGLDGRN - I Love Lamp


I don’t normally get into this style of music too much, but this is amazing. A mate linked me to this, with the caption:
"these guys are gon be like the black keys of chiddy bang".

I have no idea what he means by that, but he could be right.

Why has it taken me so long to find this?

TOKiMONSTA - Stigmatizing Sex

This girl!

I think this track/album is going to get me through a lot of assignments this year.

Charli XCX - I’ll Never Know